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After many years of dreaming, my husband and I finally created a small cattery on the east coast of Florida. We love bengals and their contagious playful nature, and we wanted to share that experience with others.


All of our bengal cats are health tested for PKDef, PRA, FeLV, FIV, and HCM. 

We raise all of our bengals underfoot in our home, we love on and handle them from the time they are born. All of our Bengal cats go home at 12-14 weeks old with a health guarantee, TICA registration, vaccinated, and de-wormed.


"I have had Rocket for about three weeks now and he has settled into our home quite nicely. For the first couple of days in our home, he was quite the talkative little guy. As he has gotten more comfortable, he has become less talkative, but he certainly does still love to hear himself rawr! He loves playing fetch, especially with his green ball. He loves taking cat naps in his cat hammock and having lazy Sunday's in his sweater. He sleeps by my feet and starts every morning by licking my nose for a solid 30 seconds (he loves to lick). I sleep with my bedroom door open to provide Rocket constant access to his litter box throughout the night, and there hasn't been a single night where he chooses to sleep anywhere other than my bed. He is loaded with lots of energy and is no stranger to cuddle up right next to you when that energy runs off. Rocket has been a great addition to our home in these short few weeks and we are excited to watch him grow!"

Brad - Jacksonville, FL

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