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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.


  • HIGH ENERGY: Bengals can have as much as three times the energy than your normal domestic kitten. Once they are past their kitten stage they will settle down to one-third of that energy. Tips that will help you through this stage. 

    • Play Time - interact with your kitten throughout the day. 

    • Outdoor Walk - leash training can take some effort, but will be worth it.

    • Schedule - schedule their meals and play time. With a routine it allows them to become use to your schedule so they won't keep you awake at night.

  • SPECIAL DIET: Bengals need a special diet to maintain their beautiful coat. It doesn't have to be expensive, but proper nutrition is key if you want to have a happy healthy kitten. Here are a couple of different options.

    • Raw Diet - It is the least expensive, but the most work. There are many recipes out there, cats tend to be picky so you may have to try different ones to find the right match for your bengal. 

    • High Quality Traditional Wet and Dry Food Diet - If you decide to go this route, which is typically the easiest, I would choose a brand that is grain free. (Instinct, Honest Kitchen, Purina Beyond Wild, etc.)

  • PLAYFUL, LOVABLE, & VOCAL: These beautiful kittens really are the perfect lap leopards. They go from being quite active one minute, to snuggling in your lap the next. When you bring your new kitten home, they may be very vocal for the first week, and will become moderately vocal as they become use to their new surroundings. They are good about telling you when they are hungry or want attention.They also love to carry on a conversation.


  • LITTER BOX: It is important to have a littler box in place. Once your kitten comes home, place them in the litter box and let them explore from there. 

  • FOOD: Ask the breeder about your cats diet, ask them what type of food schedule they are on, and what food they are currently eating. Try to keep the same schedule, if you need to change it to work with your schedule do so slowly to allow the kitten to adapt to the change.

  • CAT TREE: It is good to have a cat tree or something your cat can climb and pop their claws on. This will keep your furniture from getting messed up. 

  • CAT TOYS: Bengals need toys and others items to help stimulate their minds throughout the day. This will also help their high energy levels.

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