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In 2022 we added five new breeders to our cattery. Three were born right here at Jungle Cats, we have Junglecats Duke of the Villa, a gorgeous brown rosette stud,  Coco Chanel (Bianca) of Junglecats a stunning Snow Lynx queen. We also have Junglecats Francesca who was the last of Emme and Madd Maxx's litters. Emme and Madd Maxx retired in 2022, but they leave behind a legacy of their gorgeous kittens that we have now added to our breeding program.

We also were so excited to purchase a new stud from Journey Bengals in Miami, Beaumont. He is a gorgeous, clouded rosette brown stud. He is definitely a ladies man! Along with Beaumont, we added another queen from Savimbi Bengals in Massachusetts, Duchess Penelope (Penny) is sweet Snow Mink. She immediately captured our hearts.

Beaumont and Penny's Litter

Born on January 10th, 2023. Ready to go home on April 4th, 2023

Beaumont and Ruby's Litter

Born on February 1st, 2023. Ready to go home on April 26th, 2023

Beaumont and Francesca's Litter

Born on April 16, 2023. Ready to go home on July 9th, 2023


Max is our little Prince Charming. He loves attention, and reminds of us his daddy with his cute meow and playful nature. Max (Pictures on Left of Each Image)

"Gordy" - is a cuddle bug, loves to be at the center of attention. He is always perching on my shoulder while I'm working on the computer or around the house. The perfect pet for someone who wants a kitten with a lot of spunk, but will also be that perfect lap leopard. 

Blondie is the purrrfect Bengal cat. She has gorgeous spots, and is a little purr-train. She starts purring the moment we come in to the room. She is so lovable and has a wonderful personality. Would be good with kids and other pets.

Starr is a little fireball. She has so much energy, loves her toys and playing with the other cats. She is a little shy when it comes to being held, but loves to voluntarily jump into your lap and be snuggled during nap time. 

We sometimes hold kittens to evaluate for our breeding program. If you see one you like feel free to contact us, if we decided not to use them for our program they will become available as top quality pets.

IMG_1729 2.jpg



Pearl is a gorgeous, spotted brown bengal, we are looking forward to possibly adding her to our breeding program.

IMG_1709 2.HEIC


Added to Breeding Program

Our beautiful little Ruby is under evaluation. We are hoping to add her to our breeding program in 2021.

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